Once and Future Investigations into the Brittonic Era–The Age of Arthur


Two Dragons of Nennius 15th C ill Lambeth Palace Library MS 6
While The Prophecy of the Two Dragons is viewed as so much stuff & nonsense by some historians, in fact it is the foundation myth of Great Britain. As with all great myths it contains more truth than fiction.

While my published works to date encompass far more than just the Age of Arthur, I have, of late, been working on articles, monographs and book projects which I believe will significantly add to the conversation regarding this pivotal period in history. In future issues of this personal journal, I plan to share with you some of these insights and findings.

Dux Britanniarum diploma from Notitia Dignitatum
The Diploma for the Dux Britanniarum, the Roman general in command of the northern Wall–a command which Coel Hen is believed to have led in the early fifth century.

 The fifth and early sixth centuries were a violent era, an era of great upheaval and a period when an old world was dying and a new world being born.  Birthing is inevitably a bloody business.

Arthur bearing the image of Our Lady on his shoulder aka shield

The only thing we know for certain about the Brittonic Era was that the Britons threw off the yoke of Imperial Rome and that for the next two centuries they managed to beat back the darkness of barbarism. All that we know, all that we owe, regarding learning, culture and civilization, is based on the deep foundations that were lain during this dark period.

Many and strange are the curious by-ways of this period’s history, hints of which lie hidden, like gems deep in a mine, to be dug out of ancient texts and obscure folklore. Even today, the evidence for the period remains ill known and poorly investigated.

Should you be curious as to this period and wish to explore the unexplained–or poorly explained–aspects of this legendary era, I invite you to follow my essays and arguments regarding the period about which so much has been written, yet so very little is know for certain.

Thank you,

Christopher Kiernan Coleman

Roman Cav IV V cent AD by_fall3nairborne-d37wigj via Deviantart




Author: Christopher Kiernan Coleman

I am a freelance author, speaker, film producer, historian and observor of events past, present and future. I received my bachelors degree at St. Anselm College and pursued my graduate work at the University of Chicago. I currently have six books in print, including a bio of Abraham Lincoln. My latest book in print is Ambrose Bierce and the Period of Honorable Strife, published by University of Tennessee Press. I have also published numerous articles in the popular press, as well as scholarly journals. My prior work as film &a tv producer garnered a number of film & tv festival awards, including the Gabriel Award. I have several new book projects in progress, including one which looks at the origins of mechanized desert warfare & the roots of fundamentalist Islamic politics, as well as non-fiction and fiction dealing with Dark Age history and the Age of Arthur. I am also shopping a MS dealing with the history of American Socialism leading up to the Civil War. Like it or not, Socialism is as American as apple pie and Thanksgiving; actually it was some early Communists who held the "First Thanksgiving."

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