About Christopher Kiernan Coleman

Christopher K. Coleman is a freelance author with six books and numerous articles to his credit.  He pursued his bachelors in History at St. Anselm College in Manchester, New Hampshire and his graduate work in archaeology and ancient history at the University of Chicago.  He worked at the Parthenon Museum in Nashville for over five years, where he curated exhibits, gave lectures and accessioned new items into the museum collections. He has also been Executive Director of a two hundred year old historic site and managed a regional arts organization.  He is currently working on several non-fiction pieces dealing with the Age of Arthur and has a manuscript in development for a historical novel about Coel Hen–the legendary “Old King Cole.” Prior to relocating to the Cumberland Valley he was Producer for a media production company in New York, garnering several national media awards for his productions.


Chris makes radio and television appearances from time to time, as well as giving talks at venues such as the Southern Festival of Books, as well as teaching classes as part-time adjunct instructor at Volunteer State College.  His latest book is now in print with the University of Tennessee Press.

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