Castle of the City of Crows: Castell Dinas Brân

This is an excellent piece by Professor Williams and stunning photography. One might also add that Dinas Bran and Llangollan are also the likely location for the Alleluia Victory of AD 429 by Bishop/General Germanus of Auxerre against a combined Irish-Pictish army.


DSC00027 The castle in the fog

This weekend past, I ventured out into the dense fog and headed for the one place I imagined would be cloud-free: Castell Dinas Brân – the Castle of the City of Crows looming over Llangollen in the Vale. Through cobwebbed-covered gorse and up into the bright sunshine above the clouds, it was a steep but splendid walk for me and the 2-year-old twinagers.

DSC00117 In a sea of fog

Conventional narratives about the castle can be found here on the Castles of Wales website, on the CPAT website and on Wikipedia. There is also a bilingual guidebook produced by Denbighshire County Council. I have touched upon Castell Dinas Brân in previous entries, notably how the castle is a place of folklore and social memory incorporated into an antiquarian landscape and the modern tourist trail as discussed in the wider context of memory and identity around Llangollen

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